This web site is a gallery of miscellaneous steam locomotive photos. While some of these images are mine, most came from other sources. Those on this page are from United States railroads A through C. Images in Part 2 are from railroads D through I. Photos in Part 3 are from railroads K through P, while those in Part 4 are from railroads R through W. Images in The Canada Collection are from railroads operating in that country.

Of the images in the U.S. Collection, a few were part of my father's small collection of railroad photographs. Others were taken by me or by my brother, Rev. David V. Leonard late of Binghamton, New York, or came from his collection. He also took many photos in the Canada Collection.

Some well-known photographers whose work can be credited here include James Adams, Bruce Black, R. J. Foster, Robert Graham, William S. Kuba, M. D. McCarter, H. W. Pontin, and J. R. Reid. But many of these images are of unknown origin and often the dates and locations of the photos are also unavailable. Where I have information about the source I give credit where credit is due. In the introductions to Part 2 and Part 3 I list many of the sources that have contributed to this Random Steam Collection. For information about original and new numbers of Baltimore & Ohio locomotives, I am indebted to Tom Davidson.

Click on the selections below to bring up a full size image with commentary. You can also page through the collection sequentially. (The end of Part 1 will page over to Part 2, the end of Part 2 to Part 3, and the end of Part 3 to Part 4). For further enjoyment explore all the links at left. As we prize accuracy in our commentaries on these photos, please report any errors or serious omissions to

Dr. Richard Leonard

Note: In the specifications for these locomotives, cylinder dimensions are stated as diameter times stroke (e.g., 26x30). The abbreviation p.s.i. applied to boiler pressure designates pounds per square inch.