The CB&Q rostered one 2-8-8-2 Mallet compound, No. 4200 in class T-3, appearing here at an unknown date in an image that came to our Random Steam Collection by means of an eBay purchase. (On eBay it was mislabeled an Illinois Central engine, but knowing the IC had no 2-8-8-2s we quickly identified the correct railroad.) Outshopped by Baldwin in 1911, No. 4200 is reported to have been placed in service at the Galesburg, Illinois hump yard and then, after conversion to an oil burner, transferred to Alliance, Nebraska (likely location of this photo, lensman unknown) from where it was retired in 1934. No. 4200 had high pressure cylinder dimensions of 26x30 inches, and (front) low pressure cylinders of 40x32 inches. Boiler pressure was 200 p.s.i. and driver diameter 56 inches. Evaporative heating surface is given as 5283 square inches and grate area as 84 square inches; the engine was not superheated. Weighing in at 441,400 pounds, this ponderous and singular CB&Q 2-8-8-2 produced 92,328 pounds of tractive effort.