From Carl Weber's collection comes this image of Boston & Maine Consolidation No. 2709 which an unnamed photographer snapped at Salem, Massachusetts on May 28, 1952. According to one source, engines of the B&M's 125-member class K-8 were erected in 1911 and 1916 by Baldwin Locomotive Works; another source states that a 1911 and a 1916 group were built by the American Locomotive Company, but a 1913 group (apparently class K-8b, to which No. 2709 belonged) came from Baldwin. Those delivered earlier were not superheated, but the 1916 group was superheated and earlier members of the class were retrofitted with superheaters. Either Elesco or Worthington feedwater heaters were later applied to most members of the K-8 class; an unusual feature of these Consolidations was the Worthington feedwater heater mounted in "reverse," on the right side of the boiler instead of the usual left side (notice the cold water pipe from the tender curving around to the front of the heater). Weighing 225,000 pounds, the K-8b class developed 43,342 pounds of tractive effort. They sustained 180 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, rolled on 61-inch drivers, and had cylinder dimensions of 24x30 inches. Their grate area measured 53 square feet; they had 2360 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 520 square feet of superheater surface.