The Bessemer & Lake Erie placed its first order for 0-8-0 switchers in 1936, with the S4A class represented in this American Locomotive Company builder's photo by No. 253. These 0-8-0s carried 230 p.s.i. of boiler pressure; their driver diameter was 57 incles and their cylinders measured 25x30 inches. They weighed 279,000 pounds and exerted 64,300 pounds of tractive effort. Evaporative heating surface totaled 3053 square feet, superheater surface 878 square feet, and grate area 68 square feet. No. 253's modern multiple-bearing crosshead was rare in switch engines, being found mainly on higher-speed main line power. By 1954, all members of the S4 class had been retired. Wayne Koch provided the image for our Random Steam Collection.