In a postcard image acquired via eBay, Bangor & Aroostook Consolidation No. 404 rests at a terminal facility, possibly Northern Maine Junction. The photographer and date are unspecified, but perhaps the image was snapped when No. 404 was newly delivered from the American Locomotive Company's Schenectady plant in 1937. Locomotives of the BAR's class G-2 had 63-inch drivers with cylinders measuring 22¼x30 inches, and carried a boiler pressure of 225 p.s.i. Their evaporative heating surface totaled 2638 square feet, their superheating surface 584 square feet, and their grate area almost 51 square feet. They weighed 238,800 pounds and exerted 45,086 pounds of tractive force. One additional member of the class, No. 405, was erected in 1945 but by 1956 all had been retired.