The 4000-class Mikados of the Santa Fe totaled 101 locomotives erected by Baldwin Locomotive Works from 1921 through 1926. No. 4002, shown here at an unknown location, was among the first to be built. This class had a locomotive weight of 310,000 pounds. They had 67 square feet of grate area, 4553 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1145 square feet of superheater surface. These 2-8-2s had 27x32-inch cylinders, a boiler pressure of 200 p.s.i., and a driver diameter of 63 inches. With these dimensions they developed around 63,000 pounds of tractive effort. The date of this anonymous photo from the Gary Thompson collection is unknown, but the disc main driver is evidence of rebuilding sometime after the late 1930s. All members of the 4000 class were scrapped by 1956 except No. 4076, which sank in the Kaw River at Topeka, Kansas during a 1952 flood.