This postcard view of B&O 4-6-2 No. 5208, purchased from a eBay vendor, contains no information about date or location but is attributed to R. J. Foster. Baldwin outshopped the first twenty members of class P-5 in 1919 based on the USRA light Pacific design. When their boiler pressure was raised to 210 p.s.i and they were fitted with Walschaerts valve gears, they were reclassified to P-5a. They had 73-inch drivers and cylinders measuring 25x28 inches. They weighed 277,000 pounds and produced 40,753 pounds of tractive effort. Grate area totaled 67 square feet, evaporative heating surface 3333 square feet, and superheating surface 794 square feet. Retirement for No. 5208 came in 1954.