The 4-8-0, or Twelve-Wheeler, type was comparatively rare but the Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville (Monon Route) rostered two classes. No. 229, appearing here at Bloomington, Indiana on June 10, 1947, belonged to the E-1a class. ALCo's Brooks Works built them in 1898 with Stephenson valve gear, slide valves, and a Belpaire firebox. In 1922, however, the Monon's shops rebuilt them into the superheated E-1a class with Walscheaerts gear, piston valves, a radial stay firebox, and a second sand dome. As rebuilt they had 55-inch drivers, 21x26-inch cylinders, and 200 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. They had 2230 square feet of evaporative heating surface, 516 square feet of superheater surface, and 45 square feet of grate area. The flared stack was a typical feature of CI&L steam power. They performed well for the Monon, but the last example was retired in 1949 with the railroad's transition to diesel power. The photo, photographer not identified, was provided by Carl Weber.