The 5011 class of 2-10-4s were the newest steam locomotives built for the Santa Fe. Baldwin Locomotive Works delivered these 25 engines in 1944. Their specifications were close to those of the 5001 class of 1938, but they weighed 536,000 pounds; they had 5937 square feet of evaporative heating surface, and their superheater surface totaled 2640 square feet. Their huge tender held 7000 gallons of oil. With dieselization of the Santa Fe, twelve of these AT&SF 2-10-4s were leased by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1956 for service on coal trains between Sandusky and Columbus; all were retired by 1959. No. 5021 of the group survives at Sacramento, California. This image of No. 5017 was scanned from a postcard acquired at an antique shop which contains no information about photographer, date, or location.