2-10-4 No. 854, of class T-1, represents the first group of Texas type locomotives delivered to the Chicago Great Western in this builder's photo. Lima Locomotive Works constructed them to a design similar to that of the pioneering "super-power" 2-10-4s delivered to the Texas & Pacific in 1925, from which the type received its name. The CGW locomotives, however, were coal-fired and had the Coffin feedwater heater instead of the Elesco type used on the T&P engines. They had cylinder dimensions of 29x32 inches, 255 p.s.i. of boiler pressure, and a 63-inch driver diameter. (For other specifications, consult the commentary for No. 858 following.) The advent of the 2-10-4s enabled the "Great Western" to run fewer, but longer, trains — an economizing measure that lasted into the diesel era when the railroad was notorious for its outsized lashups of diesel units.