A postcard produced by Audio-Visual Designs of Earlton, New York featured this view of Boston & Maine R-1d 4-8-2 No. 4113, which N. D. Clark snapped at Worcester, Massachusetts in 1946. The five locomotives of class R-1d, delivered by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1941, were the last steam power acquired by the B&M. Like the preceding R-1 subclasses and the class P-4 Pacifics, these engines received names suggested by New England school children in a contest; No. 4113 was the Black Arrow. In 1947 the B&M sold the first thirteen class R 4-8-2s in classes R-1-a through R-1-c to the Baltimore & Ohio, but the R-1-d group was not included in the sale. In 1944 the Lehigh & Hudson River Railway received three 4-8-2s from Baldwin that were virtually identical to the B&M's R-1d class, including the 14-wheel tenders. By 1956 all those remaining on the B&M had been scrapped, and no representatives of this fine design remain. For specifications of the R-1-d class visit the following page for No. 4117.