The Chesapeake & Ohio's first group of 4-8-4s, coming from Lima Locomotive Works in 1935, shared many design features with the Lima-built T-1 2-10-4s of 1930. With 72-inch drivers, these class J-3 engines they had cylinder dimensions of 27½x30 inches and a boiler pressure of 250 p.s.i. Their evaporative heating surface totaled 5452 square feet with 2342 square feet of superheating surface and a grate area of 100 square feet. They weighed 477,000 pounds and exerted 66,960 pounds of tractive effort. The first five J-3s bore the names of historic Virginia statesmen, with No. 602 shown here being named Benjamin Harrison. The C&O — a railroad whose heritage lay below the Mason-Dixon line — called its 4-8-4s the "Greenbrier" type rather then the usual name "Northern." They were assigned to heavy passenger service. C&O's later classes of Greenbriers had their headlights mounted on the pilot rather than the smokebox front, and the headlights of this first group were later lowered to the same position. Location, date and photographer for this image are unknown. It was purchased through an eBay seller but also appears in the ABPR Archive, having been uploaded by Bud Laws.