The Santa Fe's 2900-class 4-8-4s rolled off the Baldwin erecting floor in 1943-44. Due to wartime regulations they were initially used in freight service, but later hauled passenger trains. With cylinder dimensions of 28x32 inches, they had 80-inch drivers and carried 300 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. They weighed in at 510,100 pounds minus tender, and produced 80,000 pounds of tractive force; For other specifications see the page for No. 2929. This photo of No. 2910 was taken in July 1947; since the location is the same as that of 2-8-4 No. 4197 and the time period is similar, the photographer was possibly William A. Gibson of Topeka, Kansas. The same image appears in the ABPR Archive revealing that it was included in the Harold Vollrath collection, but this copy came from a Flickr site that was discontinued in 2008.