With the advent of the Burlington Route's famous Zephyr diesel streamliners, some steam power was needed to protect their schedules when the regular engines were out of service. In 1937 the CB&Q's West Burlington Shops rebuilt 4-6-4 No. 3002 with Boxpok disc main drivers and a shroud emulating the "shovel-nose" style of the earlier stainless-steel streamlined diesels. (see the image of No. 4001, following). As rebuilt from class S-4 to S-4A, the locomotive was renumbered to 4000 and christened Aeolus after the ancient mythological god of winds, in keeping with the Zephyr motif. Because of the similarity between Aeolus and the name Alice, No. 4000 soon acquired the nickname "Big Alice the Goon" after a Popeye cartoon character. No. 4000 lost its shroud to the World War II steel drive, but the nickname held. I photographed her on a December 1956 visit to the Burlington Route facilities in Galesburg, Illinois, where she appeared in a line of "dead" engines waiting scrapping or — in her case — a happier disposition. Today "Alice" is displayed in La Crosse, Wisconsin, cosmetically restored by The 4000 Foundation, Ltd.