The first locomotives of the 4-6-4 wheel arrangement to be designed were those of the Milwaukee Road in 1925, but they were not built then because the railroad entered into bankruptcy. If built, they would have been called the "Milwaukee" type, but instead the first production 4-6-4s were delivered in 1927 to the New York Central and the type took the name "Hudson." Finally, in 1928, the CMStP&P placed its first order which Baldwin Locomotive Works delivered in 1930 as the railroad's class F-6. They were numbered in the 6400 series, but with the arrival in 1938 of the streamlined F-7 class numbered in the low 100s, the 6400s were all renumbered into the 100 series. No. 126 is shown here in a photo from the collection of Carl Weber, taken at an undisclosed location on March 16, 1952.