Boston & Maine 4-4-0 No. 932 was erected by the Manchester Locomotive Works in 1895. She was superheated in 1924 and classed A-39d (or possibly A-39c; sources are not explicit). As rebuilt No. 932 carried a boiler pressure of 175 p.s.i. and exerted about 16,800 pounds of tractive force. These engines had cylinder dimensions of 18x24 inches and a driver diameter of 63 inches. No. 932 appears here in 1935 at Linden, Massachusetts, on the Saugus branch, in Boston suburban service; she would meet her demise four years later. The image, photographer unknown, came to our Archive via William D. Volkmer. (For several years around 1970 I lived a few blocks from the Saugus branch in Lynn, Massachusetts, not far from the scene above, but by then both steam operation and passenger service had long been discontinued.)