After operating its first true 2-10-4, No. 5000 (known as "Madam Queen"), for eight years, the Santa Fe finally placed a multiple order for Texas type locomotives with Baldwin Locomotive Works. The ten members of the 5001 class were delivered in 1938. The first five, including No. 5004 which posed for the builder's portrait, were coal burners while the other five burned oil. Their 74-inch drivers were the highest for any locomotives of this type, and they sustained an unusually high 310 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. With cylinder specifications of 30x34 inches, they had a locomotive weight of 545,260 pounds. Their evaporative heating surface totaled 6075 square feet, and their superheater surface 2675 square feet, and they had an immense grate area of 122 square feet.