The Burlington Route's first twelve class S-4 Hudsons, Nos. 3000-3011, were delivered by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1930. In 1937 the railroad's West Burlington shops constructed a thirteenth locomotive, No. 3012. In 1938 the shops streamlined No. 3002, renumbering it to 4000, and subsequently built a second streamlined Hudson, No. 4001, raising the CB&Q's total to fourteen. These fast passenger locomotives had 78-inch drivers, a boiler pressure of 250 p.s.i., and 25x28-inch cylinders, all producing 47,700 pounds of tractive effort. They boasted a grate area of 88 square feet, an evaporative heating surface of 4247 square feet, and 1830 square feet of superheater surface. The locomotive weight for this class is given as around 392,000 pounds. R. D. Patterson. took this photo, which comes from the collection of Gary Thompson, at Galesburg, Illinois on June 4, 1960. See the next page for the history of this locomotive following its retirement.