The last 60 members of the Milwaukee Road's F-5 class of Pacific types were built in 1912 by the American Locomotive Company's Brooks works. No. 838, shown here at an undisclosed location, came off the erecting floor as the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul's No. 1538 but was soon renumbered to 6316, being assigned its final number in 1938 after the railroad's 1928 name change to Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific. The Milwaukee's 4-6-2s were subject to regular modification by the railroad's shop forces, and No. 838 was among those reclassified to F-5br after its 73-inch drivers were reduced to 69 inches. Boiler pressure, originally set at 185 p.s.i., was raised to 200 p.s.i.; cylinder dimensions were 25x28 inches. Sources give the weight for the F-5 class at 253,000 pounds as built; as modified, those rebuilt to F-5b specifications developed 43,116 pounds of tractive effort. Grate area is given as 49 square feet, the evaporative heating surface as 2977 square feet, and the superheating surface as 620 square feet. No. 838 went to the scrapyard in 1954, being among the last survivors of the class. The photo, purchased on eBay, has no information regarding the photographer or date.