While the initial images in this collection came from my photographic efforts or those of my late brother, or from small collections we had on hand, the Random Steam Photo Collection has reached its current size through the contributions of many others through the years. This page acknowledges their work.

A group of Illinois Central photos came from the late Bruce Meyer, familiar in Midwest railfan circles, and his brother David Meyer, whom I knew while living in Bloomington, Illinois during my high school and college years. Gary P. Thompson of Normal, Illinois (whose wife Lois I also knew in high school), has contributed several views from his collection.

Robert Leffingwell of Chicago loaned a number of photos of Baltimore & Ohio, Nickel Plate and other Midwestern railroads he took in the 1950s; Edward Lorence also shared photos from his B&O collection. Tom Rock of Cleveland, Tennessee (T.D.R. Productions) provided several Illinois Central and other images. (Watch the preview of the Green Frog DVD featuring Mr. Rock's movies of Tennessee steam excursions in the 1970s and 1980s.)

Additionally, Wayne Koch of Croton-on-Hudson, New York has shared a wide variety of images from his collection. Through his efforts images have come to me from the collections of Carl Weber, William D. Volkmer, and others. Jerry A. Tyler of Whitehall, Michigan contributed several Grand Trunk Western photos.

A number of images have been scanned from postcards, and another group comes from photos appearing in the 1951 edition of World Railways, jointly published in 1951 by Rand McNally & Company in the U.S. and Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd. in Great Britain. Finally, many images of special interest to me have been purchased through various eBay sellers.

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Dr. Richard Leonard

Note: In the specifications for these locomotives, cylinder dimensions are stated as diameter times stroke (e.g., 26x30). The abbreviation p.s.i. applied to boiler pressure designates pounds per square inch.