The 0-8-2 wheel arrangement was so rare that is does not appear in some lists of steam locomotive classifications. Perhaps this is because no engines were built new as 0-8-2s but were converted from 2-8-2s by removing the pilot truck. Both the Illinois Central and the Grand Trunk Western did this to some older Mikados to increase their weight on the drivers and render them more effective as yard switchers. The Illinois Central's No. 3691, the former Mikado 1645 built in 1911 by Baldwin, underwent such a conversion in 1942 and probably spent the rest of its career, until retirement in 1954, working with a group of similar engines at Markham Yard south of Chicago. In this photo taken by David Meyer at Clinton, Illinois in the summer of 1954 we see No. 3691 with her piston rod severed and valve gear disconnected, ready to be hauled off to meet the torch. For the specifications of this class see the commentary on IC 3693.