The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western's newest class of 4-6-2 (Pacific type) locomotives was the N-12 group delivered in 1923 by the American Locomotive Company. No. 1140, shown here in an unprovenanced image from William D. Volkmer, was the final member of the group. With 79-inch drivers and cylinder dimensions of 25x28 inches, they sustained 210 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. Their engine weight was 177,400 pounds and they mustered 39,541 pounds of tractive force. Having an evaporative heating surface of 3186 square feet, they had 649 square feet of superheater surface and a 95-square-foot grate area. The last examples of this class were retired in 1952. Another view of No. 1140 at the same location, but from a slightly different angle, appears in the ABPR Archive but offers no additional information.