A member of the E-3 class, Erie 4-4-2 No. 552 was delivered by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1903 as a Vauclain compound with 15-inch diameter high-pressure and 25-inch low-pressure cylinders, but was converted to single expansion by 1906. The E-3 class had 76-inch drivers and 210 p.s.i. of boiler pressure; as rebuilt their cylinder dimensions were 19x28 inches. These engines weighed 169,500 pounds and exerted 23,740 pounds of tractive effort. Unsuited for the heavier passenger trains for which the Erie had acquired Pacifics, all were scrapped by the end of 1936. This image, contributed by Wayne Koch, comes from the end of No. 552's career, as she awaits disposition; note the covering over the stack and the removal of the rod between the crosshead and the main driver.