East Broad Top 3-foot gauge 2-8-2 No. 12 pauses in a cut near Orbisonia, Pennsylvania, in August 1960 during the first summer of the former coal carrier line's tourist operation. The 112,000-pound locomotive, nicknamed "Millie," was built by Baldwin in 1911. With a 180-p.s.i. boiler pressure, 48-inch drivers and cylinder dimensions of 17x24 inches, she developed a tractive force of 22,100 pounds. I took the transparency during a family vacation trip bringing me from Illinois to attend theological school in Boston; our red and white 1955 Plymouth is among the vehicles parked along the parallel highway. The East Broad Top was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1954 and operated as a tourist attraction for many years, but its facilities and rolling stock are currently displayed as a museum of American industrial history.