This page presents images of steam locomotives that never existed, except in the imagination, or which never appeared as shown here. For more New York Central "fantasy steam," visit my New York Central Collection.

These images are presented with no commentary, for the enjoyment and, no doubt, amusement of North American steam aficionados. Admittedly, "steam tech" types and other experts will take exception to some of these ideas, or features thereof. Please remember, this is all in fun!

Click on the image to open a larger version. Perhaps there will be additions to this page from time to time; there is no end to the possibilities these images might suggest.

GTW Streamlined 4-6-2 Grand Trunk Western K-6-a 4-6-2
AT&SF 4-6-4 in War Bonnet Motif Santa Fe 4-6-4 in "War Bonnet" Motif
PRR 4-6-4 Pennsylvania Railroad P-6 4-6-4
Monon 4-10-4 Monon 4-10-4 (Proposed by Baldwin)
SR Duplex 4-4-4-4 Southern Railway Duplex 4-4-4-4
IC 4-8-4 Illinois Central 4-8-4
BN ACE4000 Burlington Northern ACE4000 4-4-4-4
CN 2-8-4 Canadian National S-5-a 2-8-4
NYC J4b 4-6-4 New York Central J-4b Hudson
NYC S3a 4-8-4 New York Central S-3a Niagara
NYC J3a with Deflectors New York Central Hudson with Deflectors
NYC Century 4-8-4 New York Central "Century" 4-8-4
PRR T1 as a Garratt Pennsylvania Railroad T-1 as a Garratt
NYC Niagara with Centered Headlight, No Deflectors New York Central S-1c Niagara Minus Smoke Deflectors, with Centered Headlight
Reading 2-10-4 Reading U-1 2-10-4
Erie Quadruplex Erie 2-6-6-6-6-2 Quadruplex