In 1923 Baldwin Locomotive Works delivered ten 4-6-2 locomotives of class K-4-A to the Erie Railroad. Because their intended use was for fast freight service, they were built with 69-inch drivers. Within a few years, however, they were fitted with 75-inch drivers and transferred to passenger service, the preponderant use for a Pacific type. As rebuilt they had 25x28-inch cylinders and a boiler pressure of 210 p.s.i. They produced 41,650 pounds of tractive effort and weighed 285,410 pounds. Their grate area measured 58 square feet, their evaporative heating surface 3671 square feet, and their superheating surface 1313 square feet. No. 2751 of the class poses for Robert Graham at Port Jervis, New York on July 24, 1933. Although the same photo appears in George Elwood's Fallen Flags site, this image was taken from a print in the Wayne Koch collection.