This is the fourth page of the U.S. Collection. For a summary of the sources for the entire Random Steam Photo Collection, consult the introductions to Part 2 and Part 3. This page lists other resources in our Rail Archive where steam locomotive images are found.

For an assortment of miscellaneous steam locomotives taken by me, or by my father Dr. Richard D. Leonard, visit the "Miscellaneous Railroads" page in Richard Leonard's Steam Locomotive Archive. In that Archive you will also find pages devoted to my steam engine photography for several specific railroads: the Burlington Route, Canadian Pacific, Grand Trunk Western, Illinois Central, New York Central, Nickel Plate and Union Pacific. (Some alternate views of locomotives appearing in the Steam Locomotive Archive are presented in this Random Steam Collection instead.)

More GTW photos appear in David Leonard's CNR-GTW Steam Gallery, 1958. Additionally, we offer a web site devoted to our photos of Union Pacific Big Boys and Challengers. Our New York Central Collection includes photos of steam locomotives, mostly from others but some of my own. A page of Alton Route Steam presents photos from several sources. For some entertaining speculation about steam locomotives that were never built, visit my Fantasy Steam Page.

Click on the selections below to bring up a full size image with commentary. You can also page through the collection sequentially. (The beginning of Part 4 will page back to Part 3). For further enjoyment explore all the links at left.

Dr. Richard Leonard

Note: In the specifications for these locomotives, cylinder dimensions are stated as diameter times stroke (e.g., 26x30). The abbreviation p.s.i. applied to boiler pressure designates pounds per square inch.