No. 625 was the first of 15 class I-1b 2-10-4s Lima Locomotive Works delivered to the Texas & Pacific in 1928. This relatively low-drivered design was closely duplicated in the 35 coal-burning 2-10-4s that Lima, and Baldwin Locomotive Works, delivered to the Chicago Great Western in 1930-31. Subsequent development of the Texas type, however, usually featured a larger driver diameter to take advantage of the speed potential of its steam-producing capability; the culmination was reached in the 74-inch drivers of the Santa Fe's 5001 and 5011 classes, the latter delivered in 1943. Late photos reveal that some examples of the Texas & Pacific 2-10-4s were modernized with disc drivers and a redesigned trailing truck, as apparent in this view of No. 625 taken at Shreveport, Louisiana in September 1949. The photographer is unknown, but the image was part of the Harold Vollrath collection and also appears in the ABPR Archive. This copy came from a Flickr site that disappeared from the Internet in 2008. The flanged stack was a typical feature of T&P steam locomotives. For the specifications of the I-1 class, consult the pages for Nos. 600 and 603.