The Western Maryland ordered its twelve 4-6-6-4s of class M-2 from Baldwin Locomotive Works in two batches, the first group in 1940 and the second the following year. No. 1210, seen in this postcard view by A. Aubrey Bodine, belonged to the 1941 group. Weighing 601,000 pounds, these simple articulateds put out 95,397 pounds of tractive force. Their four cylinders measured 22x32 inches, their boiler pressure was 250 p.s.i., and their driver diameter was 69 inches. With an evaporative heating surface of 5770 square feet and 1735 square feet of superheater surface, they had a grate area of 119 square feet. The postcard, which I purchased in an antique shop, was published by Bob Fremming of Dallas, Wisconsin using an image provided by the Western Maryland Railway.