Before the introduction of its "Silver" series diesel streamliners the Seaboard Air Line depended on 4-8-2s to handle its heaviest passenger traffic between northeastern connections and Florida and other southeastern locations. Thirty-six engines in the M-2 class were built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1924 which served into the mid-1950s. Rolling on 72-inch drivers, they had 27x28-inch cylinders and mustered 200 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. Grate area measured nearly 67 square feet, with 4039 square feet of evaporative heating service and 1136 square feet of superheating surface. Weighing in at 320,500 pounds, members of the M-2 class produced 48,195 pounds of tractive effort. No information has come to light concerning the location and date of this photo of No. 245 acquired via eBay, nor the lensman responsible.