The Soo Line (Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie) rostered only four 4-8-4 or Northern type locomotives, Nos. 5000-5003 of class O-20 delivered by Lima Locomotive Works in 1938. Technically owned by MStP&SSM component Wisconsin Central, these handsome engines were the Soo's heaviest freight haulers, weighing 453,500 pounds and developing 79,400 pounds of tractive effort. With cylinder dimensions of 26x32 inches, they sustained 270 p.s.i. of boiler pressure and rolled on 75-inch disc drivers. Their grate area measured 88 square feet, their evaporative heating surface 5140 square feet, and their superheater surface 2120 square feet. All these fine-looking engines were scrapped. This Lima builder's photo was scanned from the 1951 edition of World Railways.