St. Louis, Iron Mountain & Southern 2-4-2 No. 5 pulls an excursion train along former Missouri Pacific trackage near Jackson, Missouri, in this undated postcard view by Janna Davis. The 2-4-2 or Columbian type was a rare wheel arrangement, but this example began life as a 2-4-2T or tank engine. The H. K. Porter firm built this engine in 1946 for the Central Illinois Public Service Co. at Meredosia, Illinois. In 1963 the locomotive was donated to the Mid-Continent Railway Museum but in 1971 she was acquired by the Crab Orchard & Egyptian, which converted her into a tender engine in 1973-74 using a former Illinois Central auxiliary water tender. In 1985 she was sold to the Southeast Missouri Steam Locomotive Association, which operated her on its StLIM&S line until the engine was no longer serviceable. As operational, the engine weighs 90,000 pounds and exerts 23,550 pounds of tractive effort. Driver diameter is 42 inches, cylinder dimensions are 16x24 inches, and boiler pressure is 190 p.s.i.