Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac No. 613 was the first in a group of ten locomotives Baldwin Locomotive Works delivered in 1944-45 to augment the railroad's fleet of 4-8-4s. These elegant-looking engines rolled on 77-inch drivers, with roller bearings on all axles. Their boiler pressure was 260 p.s.i., and they had cylinder dimensions of 27x30 inches. Their 4298 square feet of evaporative heating surface included 261 square feet in their thermic siphons, combustion chamber, and arch tubes. They had 1325 square feet of superheater surface and a grate area of 85½ square feet. The RF&P, a Virginia line, chose not to designate its 4-8-4s as the "Northern" type but instead named them for generals, governors and other statesmen who had served the Commonwealth; No. 613 was the John Marshall, honoring the famous Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. With dieselization of the RF&P, No. 613 and its nine classmates were leased to the Chesapeake & Ohio which worked them for several more years; final retirement and scrapping came in 1959.