Texas & Pacific 2-10-4 No. 603 poses at Marshall, Texas, in October 1949 in an image from the late Harold Vollrath's collection that was taken from a discontinued Internet site. The same image appears in the Railfan.net ABPR Archive, uploaded by Bud Laws. The evaporative heating surface of these T&P 2-10-4s totaled 5,113 square feet, plus 2,100 square feet of superheating surface, and their large 100-square-foot grate area further contributed to their steaming capacity. (Other dimensions are given in the previous commentary for No. 600.) No. 610 of class I-1a was preserved and restored to service in 1975 on the American Freedom Train. It was then modified to resemble a Southern Railway engine and took part in that railroad's steam excursion program; it is preserved at the Texas State Railroad.