The Frisco's 4-8-2 No. 1522 was one of ten that came from Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1926, the third group in the T-54 class. They had dimensions similar to those of No. 1509 previous, but they weighed 360,890 pounds. Additionally, their evaporative heating surface was slightly larger totaling 4440 square feet, as was their superheating surface at 1180 square feet. An unusual feature of the later members of the T-54 class is the position of the large air reservoirs, which are normally mounted below the running board. When delivered these engines had other piping in that place, so the tanks were placed atop the boiler and were never moved. Originally delivered as coal-burners, they were converted to burn Bunker C oil, of which their tender held 4,500 gallons. No. 1522 was retired in the early 1950s and placed on display at the Museum of Transportation in suburban St. Louis. This photo by an unknown photographer from the Gary Thompson collection may show the locomotive when first prepared for the museum.