As a coal hauler the Virginian Railway rostered some massive steam locomotives, including a class of 2-10-10-2 Mallet compounds. In 1944 the railroad acquired eight class AG 2-6-6-6 simple articulateds from the Lima Locomotive Works. They were duplicates of the Chesapeake & Ohio's design known as the "Allegheny" type (see the commentary on C&O 1600), but on the Virginian they were called the "Blue Ridge" type. Richard J. Cook took this view of Virginian No. 903 at Roanoke, Virginia, in 1957 and it was published on a post card by Audio-Visual Designs of Earlton, New York, probably in 1969. All of the "Blue Ridge" locomotives were retired by 1955 and were scrapped by 1960.