Walter Peters captured this image of Frisco 4-6-4 No. 1064 at virtually the last moment — on January 30, 1952, as it rested in Granite City, Illinois awaiting the scrapper's torch with siderods still intact but piston rod severed. In 1937 the Frisco's Springfield shops converted ten older Pacifics of class 1060 into more powerful Hudsons with 74-inch drivers (including disc centers on the main drivers) and weighing 360,960 pounds minus tender. They had 26x28-inch cylinders and sustained a boiler pressure of 225 p.s.i., developing 48,919 pounds of tractive force. Grate area measured 82½ square feet, while evaporative heating surface totaled 3976 square feet and superheater surface 1235 square feet. If No. 1064 ever had the wide skirting applied to other Frisco 4-6-4s, it had been removed by the end of its service life. The image was copied from a negative acquired through an eBay vendor.