The Ms-4 class of 2-8-2s, based on the USRA heavy Mikado design, began to be delivered to various components of the Southern Railway system in 1923 and became the system's principal main line freight power. No. 6350, appearing in a postcard builder's photo with a short-lived five-digit number, was the first of a group of 25 that Baldwin Locomotive Works constructed in 1928 for the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific. They weighed 329,300 pounds without tender and exerted 62,950 pounds of tractive effort. Their evaporative heating surface was 4,285 square feet and their the superheater surface 993 square feet, while their grate area totaled 70 square feet. For other dimensions consult the page for No. 4821 previously. Additional features of the Ms-4 class, as erected by Baldwin in 1928, included Walschaerts valve gear, the Elesco feedwater heater, and a Duplex mechanical stoker, plus the brakeman's "doghouse" on the tender. All members of the Ms-4 class were withdrawn and sent to the torch by 1954.