This three-cylinder, two-truck geared locomotive (Lima "class B" Shay) operates on the Roaring Camp & Big Trees tourist line at Fenton, California. The Lima Locomotive Works built the 36-inch gauge engine in 1912 for the Alaculsy Lumber Company. She served on six different short line railroads in the East until 1963, when she was acquired for the Roaring Camp operation as its first locomotive. Although carrying number 1, the engine has been named "Dixiana" after the previous owner, a mining operation at Dixiana, Virginia. Weighing 42 tons, she has three 10x12-inch cylinders and wheels 29½ inches in diameter. With a boiler pressure of 180 p.s.i., the locomotive exerts 17,330 pounds of tractive effort. Reportedly, "Dixiana" has been designated a National Mechanical Engineering Historical Landmark. I took this transparency in July 1970.