In 1917, Baldwin Locomotive Works supplied the Southern Railway with its first 4-8-2s, the thirty members of the Ts class. These Mountain types, at 286,000 pounds — and the Ts-1 class that followed two years later — were the Southern's largest passenger locomotives, and eventually wore the famous green-and-gold livery first applied to the Ps-4 Pacifics. They had 69-inch drivers and cylinder dimensions of 27x28 inches, and their boiler pressure was 190 p.s.i. They had 3670 square feet of evaporative heating surface, 940 square feet of superheater surface, and a grate area of 67 square feet. No. 6493, shown above at Inman Yard in Atlanta in 1946, was assigned to the Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific, a component of the Southern Railway System. The color transparency view by Shelby Lowe comes to our collection courtesy of Tom Rock of T.D.R. Productions. All members of the Ts class were retired between 1951 and 1953.