The Reading Railroad's fifty class I-10sa Consolidations were the last of that type to be delivered to that carrier, coming from Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1923 and 1925. No. 2012 represents the 1923 group in this photo acquired from an eBay seller; it was taken at Tamaqua, Pennsylvania on June 25, 1951 by an unidentified lensman. These hefty 2-8-0s weighed 314,950 pounds and pulled with 70,932 pounds of tractive effort. Like other Reading locomotives they featured the wide Wooten firebox to accommodate slower-burning anthracite culm. With 61½-inch drivers, they sustained 220 p.s.i. of boiler pressure and had cylinder specifications of 27x32 inches. Evaporative heating surface totaled 3316 square feet and superheating surface 778 square feet, and their grate area measured 94½ square feet. These 2-8-0s were so large that the 1925 group of thirty engines, Nos. 2020-2049, became the basis for the Reading's home-built class T-1 4-8-4s.