Southern Railway class H-4 Consolidation No. 401 was erected in 1907 by Burnham, Williams & Co., which became Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1909. After retirement from the Southern roster No. 401 worked for a time for an Alabama industry. In 1967 the locomotive was purchased by the Monticello Railway Museum and was displayed there beginning in 1971. After extensive rebuilding starting in 1995, which amounted practically to the construction of a new locomotive and tender, she was restored to operation at the museum in 2010. Les Beckman took this digital image on September 19, 2015. Weighing 164,800 pounds and exerting 36,827 pounds of tractive force, No. 401 rolls on 57-inch drivers. Cylinder dimensions are 21x28 inches, and boiler pressure is 200 p.s.i.  With a 30-square-foot grate area and an evaporative heating surface of 2234 square feet, she is not superheated.