The primary use of the 4-4-2 or Atlantic type was to haul lighter and faster passenger trains. Most railroads quickly retired their Atlantics in favor of Pacifics, once these became available for shorter trains through the introduction of larger mainline power or the reduction of passenger service. The Wabash Railroad, however, was among the few lines that kept Atlantics in service into the 1940s and beyond. No. 602, shown here courtesy of Tom Rock of T.D.R. Productions, belonged to class E-4, erected by Burnham, Williams & Co. (known after 1909 as Baldwin Locomotive Works) in 1904. Photographer and date are unspecified, but the photo was likely taken in Detroit. Sporting an old style inboard-journal trailing truck, No. 602 has been upgraded with a modern headlight and a cast steel drop-coupler pilot. Nevertheless, all members of the E-4 class were retired by 1949. For the dimensions of the class, consult the commentary on No. 606 following.