Following up on a 1930 delivery of ten oil-burning 4-8-4s from Baldwin Locomotive Works, the Cotton Belt's Pine Bluff Shops built five similar locomotives in 1937. The L-1 "810" subclass featured 70-inch Boxpok disc drivers and had roller bearings on all axles. They sustained 250 p.s.i. of boiler pressure and had cylinder dimensions of 26x30 inches. Evaporative heating surface was 4728 square feet, with 1962 square feet of superheater surface and a grate area of more than 88 square feet. They weighed 425,500 pounds and produced 61,564 pounds of tractive force. No. 813 of this group appears here at East St. Louis on May 29, 1937, shortly after rolling off the Pine Bluff erecting floor. The photo, purchased from an eBay seller, is attributed to the Tom Klinger collection. No. 819 of the 1942 "815" subclass survived on display and was restored to operation, enjoying a career in excursion service from 1986-1993; it is housed at the Arkansas Railroad Museum in Pine Bluff.