Only two railroads, the Southern Pacific and the Union Pacific, operated locomotives of the 4-10-2 type. The SP had by far the largest number, and gave its name "Southern Pacific" to the wheel arrangement. The UP, as a result, had to find another name for its ten class FTT-1 and FTT-2 4-10-2s, and styled them the "Overland" type in keeping with its passenger marketing theme. ALCo's Brooks Works delivered them as three-cylinder locomotives in 1925-26, but in 1942 the UP rebuilt them into simpler two-cylinder engines and renumbered them from the 8000 and 8800 series to 5090-5099. As rebuilt they had 27x32-inch cylinders, 63-inch drivers, and 230 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. Their evaporative heating surface totaled 5461 square feet, their superheating surface 1375 square feet, and their grate area 84 square feet (oil fired). No. 5095 of class FTT-2, shown here at Victorville, California on May 30, 1951, was among the last to be retired, lasting till 1953. Carl Weber supplied the image by an unidentified photographer.