As a child living in Adrian, Michigan in 1946-1951, I occasionally encountered the Wabash 4-8-4s on freight trains and recall their deep, mournful whistle. No. 2920 belonged to the last five members of the O-1 class that had the Baker valve gear instead of the Walschaerts type, and also weighed slightly more than the first twenty members of the group. These locomotives had 5189 square feet of evaporative heating surface, 2360 square feet of superheating surface, and 96 square feet of grate area. For other dimensions consult the commentary for No. 2904 preceding. No. 2920 is shown here at Chicago in July 1939, in an image from the Harold Vollrath collection purchased via eBay. The photographer's identity, however, is not indicated. All Wabash Northern types were retired by early in 1956.