The Rutland's finest passenger power, until the arrival of the 4-8-2s in 1946, were the three class K-2 Pacifics that American Locomotive Company delivered in 1929. They featured modern appliances such as a front-end throttle, pilot-mounted air pumps, and a one-piece cast trailing truck. They had 25x28-inch cylinders, carried 215 p.s.i of boiler pressure, and rolled on 73-inch drivers. Their grate area totaled 67 square feet, their evaporative heating surface 3994 square feet, and their superheating surface 1808 square feet. Weighing 292,500 pounds, they developed a tractive effort of 43,800 pounds. Retirement for these well-proportioned engines was complete by 1953. Carl Weber provided this undated photo of No. 83, first of the class, likely taken at Rutland by a photographer whose name has not come down to us.