Wabash class C-2 0-8-0 No. 1502 poses for an unidentified photographer at an unknown location, in this image from the collection of Wayne Koch. This 1903 product of ALCo's Brooks Works retains her internal Stephenson valve gear, soon to be superseded in American practice by the Baker or Walschaerts types which, being outside the frame, were easier to maintain. No. 1502 had a grate area of 44 square feet and 2390 square feet of evaporative heating surface; though later fitted with piston valves in a 1917 rebuilding, she was not superheated. The two engines of the C-1 class had a driver diameter of 58 inches, 22x28-inch cylinders, and 215 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. Weighing 166,000 pounds, they developed a tractive force of 42,700 pounds. They were retired by 1947, which dates this photo to a time earlier than that — possibly into the 1930s.