Texas & Pacific 4-6-2 No. 710 pauses with its train at Shreveport, Louisiana in 1950, in a photo acquired via eBay and attributed to the Tom Klinger collection. The T&P's class P-1a Pacifics came from ALCo's Brooks Works in 1919 and were subjected to modernizations through the years, including the disc drivers seen on No. 710's second and third sets, the multiple-bearing crosshead, the one-piece cast steel trailing truck, and the air pump shields on the pilot. The oil-burning Pacifics of class P-1a weighed about 276,000 pounds and mustered a tractive force of 40,773 pounds. They had 73-inch drivers and 26x28-inch cylinders, and sustained 185 p.s.i. of boiler pressure. With an evaporative heating surface of 3780 square feet, they had 844 square feet of superheating surface and a grate area of 59.6 square feet. As the photo shows, the T&P's passenger locomotives were trimmed to match the railroad's passenger rolling stock, the colors being blue and gray.