Southern Railway 2-10-2 No. 5069 belonged to a group of 25 class Ss Santa Fe type locomotives that American Locomotive Company's Richmond works delivered in 1918 to Southern system component Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific. They proved too bulky for the tight clearances of the much-tunneled CNO&TP (known as the "Rathole") and were transferred to the Southern as Nos. 5055-5079. They weighed 370,000 pounds and exerted 71,083 pounds of tractive effort. Driver diameter was 57 inches, cylinder dimensions were 28x32 inches, and boiler pressure (initially 190 p.s.i.) was 200 p.s.i. With 5234 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1341 square feet of superheater surface, they had a grate area of 88 square feet. They were equipped with the Southern type of valve gear. The image comes from a postcard purchased via eBay that contains no information about photographer, date, or location although Asheville, North Carolina with its large roundhouse (in the background) is a distinct possibility.